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So these don’t come as quickly as I’d like but I haven’t lost interest in getting them out from time to time.

This week’s AFT is powered by Urban Outfitters. I’ve never actually purchased anything from one but could see myself spending a few dollars there if I happened to stumble into a store.

The Multi-functional Combo

These three pieces would work well for a number of occasions. You can wear them to work and not have to think twice about heading straight to dinner from there. Could be paired with slacks like you see with the jacket or jeans as well. You’ll regret the purchase if you buy the hideous plaid shirt currently under the jacket.

The multi-functional combo

Jacket: BDG Shrunken Blazer, $68; Shirt: BDG Solid Button Down Collar Shirt, $48; Tie: UO Spring Plaid Tie, $19


Happy New Year, AFT’ers.

We’re already starting to see spring/summer collections both in-store and online but since its below the freezing mark at my house today, we’re going to crank out some more warm weather wears.

Narrowed down AFTv8 to two designers: Gant and Tom Ford. And for the record, you aren’t going to find their collections at Wal-mart.

Gant Varsity Sweater

From the letterman’s letter to the white arm-band and over-sized collar, everything about this sweater says, “ladies, get back, I’m just one man.”

Gant Varsity Sweater - blue

via Gant

Gant Double-breasted Sport Coat

I’ve never been a double-breasted guy. Heck, I was even happy when Letterman quit sporting them. But apparently if I were a little more London Preppy I could pull it off. Whatever, it works.

Gant Double-Breasted Sport Coat

via Gant (more…)


And we’re back. I enjoy Fashionable Thursdays, just been lazy about getting back into them. It’s actually kind of surprising how much traffic they get from searches.

This week is pretty tame, nothing too crazy although nothing actually falls below the $175 mark. Might have to do a blue-light special for AFTv8.

Pro tip: Brown & Blue are always a good match

brown-suit-blue-shirt (more…)