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And we’re back. I enjoy Fashionable Thursdays, just been lazy about getting back into them. It’s actually kind of surprising how much traffic they get from searches.

This week is pretty tame, nothing too crazy although nothing actually falls below the $175 mark. Might have to do a blue-light special for AFTv8.

Pro tip: Brown & Blue are always a good match


via The Sartorialist

Pro tip #2: If you look like this guy you can get away with wearing just about anything

Hands down, the best look of the week. I think he’s hiding a cardigan under the jacket. I would kill for this sense of style.

Gray Plaid Sportcoat & Cardigan

via The Sartorialist

Hamilton 1883 Oxford

I have one red shirt in my closet. Note to self: get more red shirts.


via Hamilton 1883

Spiewak Durand Moleskin Jacket

I’m pretty sure two things happen when you wear this coat: 1) You learn to fly from osmosis through the moleskin and 2) there’s not a person in the room who wants to mess with you out of fear that you could tear them to pieces.


via Urban Outfitters

Bettanin & Venturi – Wing-tip Blucher

That’s right, I (window) shop Barneys. The reason I don’t buy Barneys is because the cost of one pair of shoes is about triple what I have invested in all of my footwear altogether. You can feed a lot of hungry kids for the price of these bad boys but it doesn’t take away the fact that they’re beautiful.


via Barneys

6 responses to “AFTv7”

  1. autumn says:

    AFT is back! Yay! And I’m with you…I window shop at a lot of places…except for old navy and target. And I LOVE wingtips! Those are some hot looking wingtips too. Nice picks as always.

  2. Christian says:

    Gracias. Noticed I forgot the link to the shoes, post updated.

  3. Dave Ruiz says:

    It’s about time you got the Fashionable Thursdays kicking again. If I didn’t work in ripped jeans and DCs, I would definitely go the brown and blue route.

  4. Danny Wong says:

    hm. never really thought about how well blue and brown go together. i mean… i subconsciously know that they look good when I am putting together an outfit with one or the other, but ive never been able to really think about it.

    blue and brown are great in my book.

    (let’s just avoid black shoes / brown belt =P)

  5. Christian says:

    Good call Danny, always match your leathers. Also a warning, be careful with blue & black, very rarely works together. And never blue shoes with black pants or vice versa. Jet check your site from my phone, will try and give it a better look when I get home. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Danny Wong says:

    Hi Christian,

    Great to interact with you!

    I would say that bright/light blue shirts go pretty well with black suits. but i agree about the blue shoes + black pants and vice versa.

    feel free to reach out to me via email at would love to hear your thoughts on the website =)


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