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A Fashionable Thursday

Since he hasn’t quite figured out how to subscribe to RSS yet, I figure it won’t hurt to throw up a picture or two of my son’s birthday presents before he opens them this Saturday. Mostly because of the fact that I have issues, it took me a while to find just the right pairs of shoes that he is badly in need of. Yes, I realize that I have a problem. If he isn’t the envy of preschool, at least he’ll be the envy of his dad.

adidas Kids Samba® Classic Core

Children’s Place – Classic Brown Boot

It doesn’t get much more classic than the old school white Samba, every kid needs at least one pair. The potential for them to be brown by the end of day one is quite high. For the boots, we could have gone with a standard loafer but he’s been wanting a pair of boots for a while. I wasn’t ready to throw him in a standard pair of cowboy boots and these will pair well with both his slacks and his jeans.

Cohen's new shoes - adidas Kids Samba® Classic Core & Children's Place - Classic Brown Boot

Newton Street Vintage

I run the risk of sharing this fantastic resource I just stumbled across but the finds are too good not to share. From here on out, I’ve got an hourly auto-refresh set on the etsy page to make sure I don’t miss anything in my size. If you and I are remotely the same size, I foresee us going 12 rounds in the near future over *new pieces.

Three current ones that need to be in my closet by the end of the day…

1960s Gray Herringbone Three Button Sack Suit

1960s Gray Herringbone Three Button Sack - Newton Street Vintage
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And we’re back. I enjoy Fashionable Thursdays, just been lazy about getting back into them. It’s actually kind of surprising how much traffic they get from searches.

This week is pretty tame, nothing too crazy although nothing actually falls below the $175 mark. Might have to do a blue-light special for AFTv8.

Pro tip: Brown & Blue are always a good match

brown-suit-blue-shirt (more…)

A Fashionable Thursday v5

My original intention for AFT this week was to do an all-shoe rundown. That immediately went out the door when possibly the worlds’ best fitting button down shirt came across my desk.

I’ll keep an all-shoe post on the to do list for another week.

Band of Outsiders : button down – sea island

As with most things I wear, I have rules concerning button down shirts. I’m a big fan of button down collars on shirts without a tie. Not so much with one though. Call me crazy but why would a person take the time to dress up a look with a tie and then cinch it off with a couple of buttons on a shirt? Let it breathe.

No need for a tie here, this shirt kills on its own. Slim fit goodness. $325

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