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A Fashionable Thursday v14

Accessories to help make the man

Ties: I’m not sure a tie is classified as an accessory, but you should wear them anyways. This week’s additions come in gray, brown & party.

Ties in black, brown and party

Gray: J. Crew Wool bright-stripe tie – $69.50
Brown: Topman Brown Textured Check Tie Р£10.00
Party: Topman Bright Coloured Check Slim Tie Р£10.00


Glasses: Poor eyes is no excuse for dressing less than the best. Rock some good eye-wear.

Classy, men's eyeglasses

1st pair: Kaneko Optical for nonnative Dweller Frames $270 – (via hypebeast)
2nd pair: Applebum “Woody” Sunglasses (via M.L.G.)
3rd pair: Ashcroft Eyewear – (via Svpply)


Leathers: If you haven’t heard, I’m a big proponent of matching your leathers. These aren’t a perfect match for each other but either one on their own are a good place to start if you’re needing some brown in your wardrobe. Which if we’re being honest, you probably do.

Leather bag and belt

Bag: hard graft 2UNFOLD Laptop Bag Р€389.00 (via Svpply)
Belt: Commune Manchester Belt (Brown) – $42 (via Svpply)


If you’re new to this whole thing, you might want to take a look back at the previous 13 AFT’s to see what you missed.

One response to “A Fashionable Thursday v14”

  1. Thanks for the kind words on our frames. We work pretty hard at our image so getting noticed means a lot.

    The sad news is that those frames in your lineup (Magnum Smoke) were part of a limited edition and are all gone now.

    Mike G.

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