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6th Day

End of week internet goodness for 09/25/09

The web wasn’t particularly funny this week but it did provide some some well-built infographics – which I can never seem to get enough of.

Click the images to see the full graphics.

First up, ever thought of printing out the Internet? Umm, me either. But if you tried, it’d only take your inkjet printer 3,800 years to knock it out.

If you printed the internet infographic

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A Fashionable Thursday v5

My original intention for AFT this week was to do an all-shoe rundown. That immediately went out the door when possibly the worlds’ best fitting button down shirt came across my desk.

I’ll keep an all-shoe post on the to do list for another week.

Band of Outsiders : button down – sea island

As with most things I wear, I have rules concerning button down shirts. I’m a big fan of button down collars on shirts without a tie. Not so much with one though. Call me crazy but why would a person take the time to dress up a look with a tie and then cinch it off with a couple of buttons on a shirt? Let it breathe.

No need for a tie here, this shirt kills on its own. Slim fit goodness. $325

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A Fashionable Thursday v4

It’s Thursday again. AFTv4 is upon us. As much as I’ve enjoyed it so far, I’ve got to find a better way then waiting until midnight to get them put together. All menswear this week. Ladies, you’ll get your fair share soon enough.

Lost? A look back: AFTv1, AFTv2, & AFTv3

The Gray Two-button

A must-have in the closet of all men, including my own. I need to invest in a pocket square. Prior to that, I need to invest in a suit jacket with an open chest pocket.

J. Crew Gray Two-button suit

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A Fashionable Thursday v3

Back on my game with a condensed version on purpose. Loving the responses I have received so far, from those that have mentioned anything it seems like a portion of you might be digging AFT’s. Feel free to comment, disagree or send me an email if you’ve got something to say.

In anticipation of a slight cool down over the next few days, I went casual and fall-ish. The everyday wear.

Ted Baker Depict Zip Through Jacket

This jacket looks like it might be made out of the same cotton/material that sweatpants are. For $147, I would hope not. I dig the shoulder seam and the industrial zippers. My one fear is that jackets like this have a tendency to bunch up around the middle creating a nice little faux-belly. I don’t need any help.

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A Fashionable Thursday v2

It wasn’t that I planned on dropping the ball this early into the adventure, it was really just the fact that I didn’t know it was Thursday.

For this edition of AFT, I am introducing fashion for both women and kids. And there’s more going on behind the scenes that I’m not a liberty to discuss yet. But rest assured, it will be huge. Blow your mind huge. I had some help with the women’s stuff.

If you need to know the rules or missed AFT v1, catch up here.

Brushed cotton two-button blazer