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Dallas Mavericks 2011 Season in Infographic Form

My favorite basketball team just won the NBA Championship. Chartball Posters created an infographic for it. Why wouldn’t I post a link to it?

Crazy amounts of data here. Probably too much to digest easily but pretty cool nonetheless. Get your own for a mere $43. Ok, I’m not spending $43 bucks on it either but maybe in a moment of impulse you’ll decide jump on it.

Note to family: It’s cool, but not ‘hey, he likes it, mark-it-down-for-a-gift-idea-later,’ cool.

Dallas Mavericks - 2011 NBA Champions Infographic

via @jeremyjohnson / Fast Company

6th Day

End of week internet goodness for 10/02/09

A quality teacher:

“On a history test we were asked, ‚ÄòWho was Michelangelo?‚Äô I answered, ‚ÄòRenowned artist/Ninja Turtle. Wore an orange headband. Weapon: daggers.‚Äô My teacher marked this wrong and wrote back, ‚ÄòWEAPON: NUNCHUCKS. CHECK YOUR FACTS.‚Äô”

(via Kory)

Call of the year
I want this guy calling all of the games for the teams I root for from now on. You’ve got to listen to both audio (in order) to understand. They’re short. (more…)