Christian Ross

Social media amazes me

Before I saw a single news headline or heard anything about it, I saw a flickr image of the plane in the Hudson today taken from a camera-phone by a person on the boat sent to rescue the passengers.

It made it to Twitter and then copied to Flickr within minutes and spread like wildfire from there.

Hudson River plane landing

Kudos to the pilot for saving lives. Kudos to the photographer for the shot and the share. Kudos to the net for changing the way I consume and learn.

Human flying?

There’s no chance I would ever even claim to want to attempt something like this but it is crazy to watch.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

(via A Tiny Pixel)

Two things of note:
1. I love Vimeo. They do video better than any site out there.

2. I’m sorry for the lack of any communication the last few days. My MBP is at the doctor and I probably should have taken a trip myself. Working off this Dell reminds me constantly why the Mac market grows daily.

My town made ESPN…

Knowing for several years about the Gainesville State School and their football team from both buddies in college and now the workplace, the story of the Tornadoes isn’t new to me.

What is new is that for the first time this year our local Christian school, Grapevine Faith, played the kids from up north (armed guards, as always) and served them up a little of what I call God’s grace.

Nice work, Lions. And LCS Warriors/LCHS Eagles/any other school that takes the time to host this team yearly. I guarantee even if the Gainesville players go 0-8 every year, they wouldn’t trade it for anything other than forgiveness and/or freedom.

I Am Second

It’s exciting to me to see church media and their creators starting to get it. For far too long, the materials presented to the public were sub-par.

I Am Second, gets it.

A ministry that concerns itself with both substance and style. One of the best presentations in any field I have seen in a long while.

If you’ve got some time, I’d recommend watching a story or two. Wonderfully crafted, beautiful messages.