Christian Ross

Hudson River Plane Landing animation

It’s pretty crazy to revisit Sully and his adventure 6 weeks out and put some sort of context around it in both visual and audio form.

Although I knew the ending, it still made me tense up a little when the air traffic controller is trying to get him some direction but not really having a clue of where he is or how he really can’t make it to either airport.

Thinking of Sully, maybe we should all be as diligent to our craft as to handle a crisis as well as he did. I just hope my occupational crisis doesn’t include the safety of 150 other lives along the way.

Social media amazes me

Before I saw a single news headline or heard anything about it, I saw a flickr image of the plane in the Hudson today taken from a camera-phone by a person on the boat sent to rescue the passengers.

It made it to Twitter and then copied to Flickr within minutes and spread like wildfire from there.

Hudson River plane landing

Kudos to the pilot for saving lives. Kudos to the photographer for the shot and the share. Kudos to the net for changing the way I consume and learn.