Christian Ross

1,474 Megapixels of Where’s Waldo?

Impressive picture created from over 220 individual still shots taken during the inauguration this week. You can almost count the nose-hairs on most of the dignitaries up front.

Since it is a combination of photos you will see a few abnormalities. Like Aretha Franklin’s goatee. Or guys with four eyes, two faces and even a hat without a head. Truthfully, Aretha Franklin may have a goatee and I just didn’t know it. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas took the time for a nice siesta while Yo-Yo Ma utilized all 2 Megapixels of his white iPhone 3G to capture the moment. You can also spot snipers more than a mile or two away. Check the buildings on the horizon and the Smithsonian Castle (church-like building on the far right).

Picture stats:
220 Canon G10 images
File size: 59,783 X 24,658 pixels
6.5 hours stitching time with Gigapan software on a MacBook Pro
Completed TIF file almost 2GB

Social media amazes me

Before I saw a single news headline or heard anything about it, I saw a flickr image of the plane in the Hudson today taken from a camera-phone by a person on the boat sent to rescue the passengers.

It made it to Twitter and then copied to Flickr within minutes and spread like wildfire from there.

Hudson River plane landing

Kudos to the pilot for saving lives. Kudos to the photographer for the shot and the share. Kudos to the net for changing the way I consume and learn.