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A Fashionable Thursday

As I look over the entries for today, I realize I must be in the mood for chopping some wood or building something awesome with my hands. Both of which I do regularly. Could also be my subconscious recognition that I might be ready for fall. I’m definitely ready for the temperature to fall below 100°F (38°C).

Betabrand Harvester Collection – Blueberry & Potato Craftsmen Pants ($95)

Not only are these pants rugged and tough looking, they’re created with 100% organic cotton and a bunch of other eco-friendly terms so you can feel good abut yourself when wearing them. I dig the fact that they’re also released in color according to the California growing season. Reminds me of the Field Notes Brand notebooks.

Betabrand Craftsman Pants - Blueberry and Potato colors

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A Fashionable Thursday

It’s been a minute since I’ve thrown out some new pieces. I intended to do a personal AFT of things I was gifted for Christmas but it hasn’t happened yet. To ease back into it, here’s a few random pieces that should work well for any male.

HELM Ray Ray Boots – $395

Two things I don’t have in my shoe collection at this point. Handmade in Italy and leather soles. I fully intend to remedy each. These boots absolutely rule. Dress them with a decent pair of slacks or wear them daily with your jeans. Upon purchase however, you are fully expected to also begin riding a motorcycle.

Helm Boots - Ray Ray

via HELM


Ledbury Blue Windowpane Worker (Slim Fit) – $135 | Massimo Bizzocchi brown silk tie – $65 (Gilt)

I had a blue-checked shirt at one time, but after seeing this, I’m glad I have no idea where it went. I’ve said it before, but I’m a huge fan of the spread collar and this one is a real treat. I paired it with a brown tie that is sadly sold out at this point but you could get away with something similar. (more…)