Christian Ross

A Fashionable Thursday

It’s been a minute since I’ve thrown out some new pieces. I intended to do a personal AFT of things I was gifted for Christmas but it hasn’t happened yet. To ease back into it, here’s a few random pieces that should work well for any male.

HELM Ray Ray Boots – $395

Two things I don’t have in my shoe collection at this point. Handmade in Italy and leather soles. I fully intend to remedy each. These boots absolutely rule. Dress them with a decent pair of slacks or wear them daily with your jeans. Upon purchase however, you are fully expected to also begin riding a motorcycle.

Helm Boots - Ray Ray

via HELM


Ledbury Blue Windowpane Worker (Slim Fit) – $135 | Massimo Bizzocchi brown silk tie – $65 (Gilt)

I had a blue-checked shirt at one time, but after seeing this, I’m glad I have no idea where it went. I’ve said it before, but I’m a huge fan of the spread collar and this one is a real treat. I paired it with a brown tie that is sadly sold out at this point but you could get away with something similar. (more…)

A Fashionable Thursday v12

Get your summer swagger back with an addition or two to your closet. Though when the temperature is tipping the scale at nearly 100F, long sleeves are hard to imagine. Nobody said looking good was easy.

Brooklyn Tailors – Light Blue Twill Dress Shirt

I just recently found out about Brooklyn Tailors and I’m already strongly attracted to their stuff. I’m a sucker for a spread collar right now (as you’ll see later as well) on any shirt that would be paired with a tie. And I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I don’t do button down collars with a tie either. As a standalone shirt, they’re good though.

Loving the shirts and the description of the fit, “Trim through the body and arms, the shirt is long enough to tuck in, short enough to untuck.” Just the way I like it.

Brooklyn Tailors - Blue Twill Spread Collar

via Brooklyn Tailors (more…)