Christian Ross

Jason Lee – 2012 Dad of the Year?

Dads, photographer Jason Lee is making us look bad. Not satisfied with only being able to take good photos, he decided to practice his craft – and his craftiness – with his two daughters to be able to keep his sick mother up to date with the girls and how they are doing.

Great project, great photos, and a great potential of me currently throwing the Internet equivalent of stink-eye at Jason for setting the bar so high.

Jason Lee - Creative Children Photography

Jason Lee - Creative Photography (more…)

Zander Olsen – Tree, Line

I’ve had these images bookmarked for probably six months and each time I look at it I become more fond of each. Now you can do the same.

An explanation:

…‚Äòwrapping‚Äô trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera‚Äôs viewpoint.

View the rest: Zander Olsen – Tree, Line.

Best thing on the Internet today

Granted, I’m slightly biased, but this is the best thing you’ll watch on the Internet today (SOPA news included). A video that my cousin just sent me of her son Daven with his teacher learning to walk again at school after dual knee replacement surgeries and full leg casts in December. At seven years of age he’s far stronger and more resilient than I could ever hope to be.

Being diagnosed with a condition called Williams Syndrome means that more surgeries are in his future but I have seen proof time and time again that Daven’s not going to let a couple of doctors and/or procedures get him down. A big Texas hug from our crew to D and his encouragingly strong Momma & Daddy!