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CreepySanta 2011

I’m a little late in getting this to you but you’ve still got a couple of weeks to hopefully enjoy it before you’re completely tired of Christmas music. If you’re new to these parts, feel free to dig back through the archives and find any/all of the previous tracks I’ve posted. Hopefully the links are still working; if not, feel free to ping me and I can do my best to help you out.

I should probably do some explaining for things like Beiber and Train but I’ll just ask you to hold your judgement until you’ve had a chance to check them out once or twice.

CreepySanta 2011 - A decent Christmas playlist for 2011

CreepySanta 2011

Track List
1. Landon Smith & The Real Matt Jones – Christmas Anthem
2. Sufjan Stevens – Come On! Let’s Boogey To The Elf Dance!
3. Meaghan Smith – It Snowed
4. The Maine – Ho Ho Hopefully
5. Zee Avi – No Christmas For Me
6. Dave Barnes & Hillary Scott – Christmas Tonight
7. David Dewese – Silent Night
8. Justin Bieber – Mistletoe
9. Coldplay – Christmas Lights
10. She & Him – The Christmas Waltz
11. John Legend – Let It Snow
12. Barenaked Ladies Feat. Micheal Buble – Elf’s Lament
13. Charles Brown – Merry Christmas Baby
14. Train – Shake Up Christmas
15. Zach Williams & The Bellow – Marshmallow World
16. Fiona Apple – Frosty The Snowman
17. Jack Johnson – In The Morning
18. Michael Bubl?© – I’ll Be Home for Christmas

2011 Collab-mas List

In lieu of giving you 20-30 products that I think are cool, this year I chose to go a different route and reach out to a few that I connect regularly with to have them help curate a list of potential gifts for us, you, or the ones you might be buying for.

I gave them no constraints on what to pick but I did make sure to get a couple of ladies in the mix just to get that perspective. Some of the things on the list you could pick up today and some of them you’ll probably have to wait a little longer before acquiring due to budgetary constraints. I had a good time compiling; I think the participants had a good time collecting; and I hope that you’ll have a good time reading through the list.

See anything we missed? Let me know here or on Twitter. Spread the word.

2011 Collab-mas List – A collaborated Christmas list by Christian Ross & Friends

*If you’re an IE user, it’s not that I don’t dislike you, but you’re gonna have to be happy with what you get. It ain’t pretty but I’ve got other things to get done today.

¬°Buenos d??as from Nicaragua

Due to my adventures in Central America this week there has been a bit of a radio silence on the Internets save for one area. I’ve tried to do much better about documenting my trip this time in visual form and the easiest way for me to do so has been to share photos through a combination of Instagram and Tumblr.

If you haven’t already, I (and we all on this trip) would be highly encouraged by you visiting and following along on Instagram at the username: christianross or for those without iPhones, following along on my Tumblr blog at

One feeds the other so you don’t have to do both but we have been uplifted by the notes, reblogs and mentions from people all over the world.

Gracias y adios.

Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear

If you had no context around it, you would have to assume that Nick Waterhouse and his band The Tarots are straight out of 1961. A classic R&B sound that is fresh in every way. So good. With only an EP out of 4 songs there’s not nearly enough here for me to be satisfied though. I can’t wait until he’s got 5 albums of things I can just run in the background of every party I never through.

Note to my wife: I apologize in advance for the abuse your ears are about to receive over the next six months.

Scroll down to add a little audio enjoyment to your Friday.

Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear



Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear EP on Rdio

Things I Want My Daughter To Know: Eric Hurst

Renaissance Man and dotcomrade Eric Hurst has been killing it with a series of posts he started called, Things I Want My Daughter To Know. His daughter, Mona Jane, is just a little younger than Cohen but will someday have a fantastic archive of notes on life from her father. I hope that either he or his wife are making sure these get archived offline and bound/stored somewhere safe for a day when she can actually read them. I need to probably start doing this myself for both of my boys.

Excerpts from a couple of my favorite letters:

On the Internet:

You will never know a world without the Internet, so let me tell you a little bit about how it was prior to this incredible creation.
    Everything was on paper.
That about sums it up.