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Make Your Bottle Count

Project7 has been a client of ours for going on probably 4-5 years now, we can’t get enough of them and hopefully they haven’t grown tired of us either. Their mission is ‘Products for Good’ and they are pioneers in the social entrepreneurship arena with a passion for making a difference. They’ve figured out a way to let you be a blessing to others just by making purchases you’re probably already making – gum, mints, water, etc.

We’re pretty stoked about their newest partnership just announced yesterday that will allow them to make an even greater impact on this world. From a marketer’s standpoint, I can’t think of a much easier partner brands with! Starting today, you can now purchase specially marked Project7 bottles of 7UP/Diet 7UP/Cherry 7UP/Diet Cherry 7UP and under the cap you will find a code that allows you to help make a difference in 3 easy steps:

Boom. Done. You just made an impact on this world.

To announce the partnership, they’ve created a pretty awesome stop motion video hand-drawn by one of my good buddies and all around talented guy, Darren Dunham. We’re really working hard to spread the word and would love it if you’d take 2.5 minutes to watch it and possibly even help spread the word about it! Would love to see this thing actually go viral and bring more attention to Project7 and all that they’re doing to bring change in this world. Shareable links below the video.

Make Your Bottle Count

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If you’re the kind to post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any of the other places you reside on the net, the best link to use is probably:

The video is on both Vimeo and YouTube so whatever tickles your fancy.

New work: Feed the Hungry with Project 7

Project 7 – Feed the Hungry

I’m excited to be able to finally share a project that we’ve been working on for a bit here at eightninety headquarters. We were lucky to be able to partner with Project 7 to build a custom application to help launch/promote their newest goal – provide one million meals to those in need.

Honestly though, who wouldn’t be excited to participate in something like that? Luckily you can be a part as well – anytime you buy a Project 7 product you are automatically helping the cause (or seven causes, as it is). You can also help by heading over to the Feed campaign site, submitting your smile, applying to be a “Feedvocate” for your area, and spreading the word to anyone who will listen. Thankfully, dealing with hunger is a pretty attainable goal and one we can all work towards together.

Project 7 - Feed the Hungry - 1 million meals

You can buy Project 7 products in plenty of places including their newest retail partner (and every wife’s favorite store), Target.

EDIT: There’s a number of ‘Easter eggs’ hidden throughout the site, if you can find them all, I’ll buy you a pack of Project 7 gum.

About Project 7 – Products for Good
Project 7 is a consumer goods company that harnesses the power of everyday purchases in order to create a positive impact in American communities and abroad. In 2008 Tyler Merrick created Project 7 to give people a high quality product at a competitive price and one that gives back at the same time. The products created under the Project 7 umbrella, include mints, gum, coffee, water and tees and are distributed nationally in over 7,000 stores from coffee shops and grocery stores to mass retailers including Wal Mart and Target. For every purchase of a Project 7 product, good is done in one of the seven areas of need in the United States – Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, Save the Earth, Quench the Thirsty and Teach them Well.