Christian Ross

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Remember New Coke? I was a tad young but I do remember the stirring that it caused when the Coca-Cola company decided to “update” their coke flavor over two decades ago and the fact that it didn’t take them long to re-introduce Coke Classic. It was a bad move on Coke’s part to take their century old recipe and change it up on the fly. Consumer’s weren’t happy.

I mention New Coke just in the fact that it’s the last time I’ve seen the public create such an outcry as to get the company to notice and revert back to their trusted roots.

Until now.

Free shares of bankruptcy!

NOTE: Sorry for the length, it’s a Sunday evening rant.

Initially my thought this year was to purchase everyone on my Christmas list the same thing this year. Not because it would make my life super-easy but mainly because I feel that no matter what position you are in financially, it’s a good read and something I know we have benefited from going through. Ultimately though, I decided against it. It is a sensitive subject to approach and it would be far too easy to have somebody think I was calling them out.

One of the things that we have been striving for since taking the class is to live differently than how we use to live (much less how 70% or more of America lives). Accruing debt. Sadly, I could have used the lessons long before I entered college and we surely would be much farther ahead at this point in time.

Either way, one of the things both the book and the class talk about is being a slave to the mindset of “we’ll always have a car payment.” While not easy, we are working towards training ourselves to think differently than this approach.