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Doing your due diligence

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty bad about flying by the seat of my pants. I make plenty of decisions based on feelings and intuition without exploring the ramifications or the consequences. It can range from simple slip-of-the-tongue type stuff all the way to business decisions. Knowing this is only half the battle, overcoming it is another story. There’s a good chance I write this whole article without thinking of the consequences it will bring. Danger’s my middle name.

Recently, I’ve done a decent job of the classic “pot calling the kettle black” by noticing and possibly pointing out others in what looks like their failed attempts at doing due diligence in their decision making. Of course I am an expert when it comes to second guessing others’ decision making, so potentially they did do some research and pre-planning and I am just not seeing it. Then again, maybe not.

The Brownstones at Town Square

I live in the suburbs and to be honest, the section of town I live in is quite affluent. One of the neighboring towns is above all the rest in terms of socioeconomic standards in the area and they really don’t take any steps to hide it. Just the opposite, actually. It’s your typical keeping up with the Jones’ but on a pretty high scale. There are no multi-unit rental facilities (truly, none) in said town and there is no city transportation system to help people get from one place to another. (more…)

Depend much on social media?

While I am all about utilizing social media to market your product and I am also in favor of using it to garner as much feedback as possible from the consumer, there is a limit to which I would take it.

I’d say the creator’s of the new Joshua Jackson film One Week crossed that line recently. Their attempt to garner some hype over the movie was probably set back slightly after taking a full-page ad out in a Toronto newspaper this week and including a page filled with reviews of the film.

My guess is that they stuffed it with so many reviews to hide the fact that they were actually comments from users about a clip of the film on the video hosting site YouTube. And that at least half of the comments noted that they had not yet seen the film but are more along the lines of “this movie is going to be fantastic” and “can’t wait to see this.” Ouch. Social media marketing gone very wrong. I’m betting they know the fact this this movie should have gone straight to DVD.

See for yourself. (more…)

I should get a free TV

For all of the liking/linking I do of Sony Bravia and their great TV ads, they should be providing me one for the trouble.

In the latest they have moved away from the ‘Colour like no other’ to showing off the smoothest motion picture possible on a TV. In doing so they built the world’s largest (Guiness verified) Zoetrope. Think 1800’s, carousel viewers.

Another home run for Sony.

(via Creative Review)


Free shares of bankruptcy!

NOTE: Sorry for the length, it’s a Sunday evening rant.

Initially my thought this year was to purchase everyone on my Christmas list the same thing this year. Not because it would make my life super-easy but mainly because I feel that no matter what position you are in financially, it’s a good read and something I know we have benefited from going through. Ultimately though, I decided against it. It is a sensitive subject to approach and it would be far too easy to have somebody think I was calling them out.

One of the things that we have been striving for since taking the class is to live differently than how we use to live (much less how 70% or more of America lives). Accruing debt. Sadly, I could have used the lessons long before I entered college and we surely would be much farther ahead at this point in time.

Either way, one of the things both the book and the class talk about is being a slave to the mindset of “we’ll always have a car payment.” While not easy, we are working towards training ourselves to think differently than this approach.