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Halloween: The New Yorker

I haven’t decided yet if this is just a great satirical illustration or a sad and exposing view of what we have become.

This Saturday we will be taking the kid out for a trick-or-treating excursion and my hope is that I can refrain from being exactly what the illustration infers – worried more about my email rather than enjoying the single Halloween he gets to spend as a two-year old.

Parental gut punch?

The New Yorker - Halloween cover 2009
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I’m not exactly sure where to start. I’ve been sitting on this for 10 days now and the words haven’t fully developed. I’m hoping the new (free) live Coldplay album will help them start to flow.

I fully realize I run the risk of this coming off cheesy, but there are certain instances in life that won’t ever take much effort to recall. Of course the majors – wedding day, birth of children, death of loved ones, etc – will always be easily remembered, but I’m thinking in slightly less life-changing terms.

As much as I loved my truck I just parted ways with on Saturday, I can’t tell you what the license plate number was on it. Contrast that with the first vehicle I ever purchased, a red 1988.5 (yep, a half-year) Suzuki Samurai, that donned the Colorado state issued id of UEN1928.

Or there was my first attempt at plumbing, which was attempted at my shared residence/place of employment in college. And both were only spared due to the grace of God and the lucky fact that Lubbock Power & Light Services were open on a Sunday and equipped with a water main wrench. (I’ll detail this at a later date)

Fortunately for me, May 8th afforded another memory embedding. (more…)

$500,000 half court shot

A couple of guys from have had a long standing prank war going on dating back a few years. In what I thought was the pinnacle of their war, last year Amir scheduled an engagement proposal for Streeter and his then girlfriend.

It took almost a year and a half (and the loss of said girlfriend) but I think Streeter got his revenge…

Social media amazes me

Before I saw a single news headline or heard anything about it, I saw a flickr image of the plane in the Hudson today taken from a camera-phone by a person on the boat sent to rescue the passengers.

It made it to Twitter and then copied to Flickr within minutes and spread like wildfire from there.

Hudson River plane landing

Kudos to the pilot for saving lives. Kudos to the photographer for the shot and the share. Kudos to the net for changing the way I consume and learn.