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I’m not exactly sure where to start. I’ve been sitting on this for 10 days now and the words haven’t fully developed. I’m hoping the new (free) live Coldplay album will help them start to flow.

I fully realize I run the risk of this coming off cheesy, but there are certain instances in life that won’t ever take much effort to recall. Of course the majors – wedding day, birth of children, death of loved ones, etc – will always be easily remembered, but I’m thinking in slightly less life-changing terms.

As much as I loved my truck I just parted ways with on Saturday, I can’t tell you what the license plate number was on it. Contrast that with the first vehicle I ever purchased, a red 1988.5 (yep, a half-year) Suzuki Samurai, that donned the Colorado state issued id of UEN1928.

Or there was my first attempt at plumbing, which was attempted at my shared residence/place of employment in college. And both were only spared due to the grace of God and the lucky fact that Lubbock Power & Light Services were open on a Sunday and equipped with a water main wrench. (I’ll detail this at a later date)

Fortunately for me, May 8th afforded another memory embedding.

To recent readers, you might want to catch up. A fantastic practical joke played by my dotcomrade Rob led to some great laughs around the Ross household.

A sad reminder no more. Today I get to add some new adjectives to my list of those describing Cameron Moll. I just don’t know what they are yet. They fall somewhere between “true champion” and “kind fellow.”

After my last post, an email exchange occurred between myself and the aforementioned designer-extraordinaire. He found the original exchange humorous enough to ask for my address with the promise of getting something out to make up for the original joke. I went ahead and sent it but assured him that there really wasn’t a need to worry about doing anything on this end. I was content with the small email exchange and just glad that he wasn’t bothered being an unwitting partner to our practical jokes.

Apparently, he wasn’t.

As I walked back up the driveway on May 8th, I noticed the above on our front porch. Having not ordered anything myself recently, my mind quickly wandered to what toy my kid was now receiving. Lucky for me, it wasn’t a toy and it wasn’t for the kid. The label read Cameron Moll, LLC and it didn’t take me long to remember back that he recently twitter’d about getting the second run of his incredible posters ready for shipping.

Unreal. I am truly humbled by the generosity (and talent) of Cameron Moll. A poster that he could have made a nice profit on was sitting on my doorstep unpaid for in both cost and shipping. Add one to the easily recalled memory bank. As stated above, I’m still at a loss for words. The poster is a beautiful as the pictures I’d seen of it showed, the signature adorning the bottom corner and the hand written note trying to make up for the original prank as if it were his fault; unreal. Or surreal.

The poster is still in the tube, waiting for me to be able to get it framed for the wall. I’ve spent the last ten days trying to come up with a way to repay. While I’ve thought of paying for the poster, I don’t think its something he would want. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Cameron, if you happen to read this, suggestions from the source would of course be welcomed. One of the early vote-getters was an offer to do some wakeboarding with us if you and/or the family ever make it down the Dallas way but I hope to not settle on some can only occur under certain circumstances thing. Consider the lake time an open-ended invitation and not my attempted response for the gift.

I’ve rambled enough but hadn’t said the one thing that I should, a heartfelt thank you for your generosity and future stories to tell.

A few images below to share in my unpacking.

9 responses to “Humbled”

  1. Aspen says:

    Awesomeness indeed! Had chills reading about your excitement. What a “kind fellow!”

  2. Marc says:

    What a great reminder that humans can still reach out and touch each other very deeply, in spite of great distance, using technology as a tool – not an excuse. A great story!

  3. Cameron Moll says:

    Glad the poster arrived okay, and that you’re enjoying it.

    I’ll certainly do my best to take you up on the lake invitation the next time we’re in Dallas 🙂

  4. Cameron Moll really is as awesome as you think.

  5. Jason Lynes says:

    That can’t be his real signature. It says “Clrmurmrs.” Either way, dude, ebay that sucker.

  6. Christian says:

    Framing and sealing it first so they can’t check the authenticity. Enables a higher reserve price on the listing.

  7. Andrew says:

    Yessir, that Cameron rocks.

    I submit starting a #cameronmollrocks on twitter.

  8. Rob says:


    I’ve always thought that the poster was Amazing!

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