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I’ve never been shy about my love of charity: water and their mission to provide clean water for those who don’t have it around the world. They are celebrating their 5th year of service this month and coincidentally dot-comrade Cameron Moll is doing the same with his fantastic job board, Authentic Jobs. I also love the fact that Cameron chose to create a campaign to give back for his anniversary. As always, I encourage you to give, whether to the AJ charity: water campaign or something else you believe in. If you’re reading this, you’re heavily blessed. Be thankful.

And if you need a little motivation, watch how excited the Bayaka people get over something we [highly] take for granted.

Colosseo Letterpress Poster

You might remember a year or so ago when I wrote about the fantastic gift I received from a well-known designer named Cameron Moll. At the time, he had created a work of art for his employer and saw the rave reviews it had drawn from the community so he decided to get more printed and create a market with them in the general public.

The entire piece is created by laying/aligning characters from a couple of selected font faces in a way as to create a greater whole. It’s spectacular. Thankfully, he didn’t stop at the first one and after our conversations a month or so ago there are potentially more on the way.

Colosseo Letterpress Poster (
In March, Cameron released his second poster – a fantastic rendition of the Roman Colosseum. After our conversations about it, I am amazed not only by the detail and time he puts into them but the research and history he does as well. When he decided the Colosseum would be he next project, he scheduled his anniversary trip with his wife around it. They traveled to Rome last summer for vacation but also knowing that they would be documenting it the best they could. Add to this the fact that he spent time studying ancient Roman typefaces and artists that he wanted to incorporate into the piece and you can tell that Cameron has a passion for these projects.

Lucky for me, my wife sees the same beauty in the work and my passion for them and ordered me one they day they went on sale. She’s good like that.


The fun stuff
Ask Cameron and he’ll tell you he’s floored by the popularity and sales just one month in of Colosseo. To continue the promotion of it and of course the sale, he has created a number of contests that you are more than welcome to enter and possibly win. The first two contests have iPad’s as their grand prize while the third has a special limited addition of the poster (only 15 made) that include a little martian from a game started on Dribbble.

For Contest one, I am already entered by purchasing the poster. Contest two is set up to help drive traffic to the poster site itself and is accomplished by creating a site that ranks well in Google and catches Cameron’s attention enough to award a winner. Contest three is a Dribbble rebound contest to see who can come up with the best rebounded design of one of the characters from the poster.

As much as I’d like to win an iPad or limited addition poster, I haven’t done much in the way of entering any of the contests. I kind of feel like when I was working for a radio station in high school and my friends/family weren’t allowed to win station contests. Cameron has already been far too kind to me as well as provide the medium for me to obtain new client work.

I did, however, spend about 45 minutes yesterday throwing together a small little site purely for entertainment purposes. When Cameron started talking about ranking well in Google/search engines, it reminded me of the issue of spam bots out there that create pages on the fly when you mis-type or spell a search or domain name. We’ve all seen them. They purely exist to gain pageviews and ad revenue from those views.

cameron moll colosseo ipad martian giveaway

cameron moll colosseo ipad martian giveaway

So, if you’ve made it this far, feel free to check out my spam log/park page at and link to it if you’d like to help my rankings.

I have posted a couple of the other entries to the contest on the page for your viewing and if you’re one who has created something for contest #2, shoot me a note and I can add you as well.


I’m not exactly sure where to start. I’ve been sitting on this for 10 days now and the words haven’t fully developed. I’m hoping the new (free) live Coldplay album will help them start to flow.

I fully realize I run the risk of this coming off cheesy, but there are certain instances in life that won’t ever take much effort to recall. Of course the majors – wedding day, birth of children, death of loved ones, etc – will always be easily remembered, but I’m thinking in slightly less life-changing terms.

As much as I loved my truck I just parted ways with on Saturday, I can’t tell you what the license plate number was on it. Contrast that with the first vehicle I ever purchased, a red 1988.5 (yep, a half-year) Suzuki Samurai, that donned the Colorado state issued id of UEN1928.

Or there was my first attempt at plumbing, which was attempted at my shared residence/place of employment in college. And both were only spared due to the grace of God and the lucky fact that Lubbock Power & Light Services were open on a Sunday and equipped with a water main wrench. (I’ll detail this at a later date)

Fortunately for me, May 8th afforded another memory embedding. (more…)