Christian Ross

Cathartic Writing

I’m a bit stressed. It’s been a busy 2015 and the last few weeks have been particularly rough. I’ve found in the past that writing can be a bit cathartic for me and of course there’s only so much space for it on my social network of choice. Chris is blogging again so I figure I might as well. The following is probably going to be in a depressing tone, feel free move along if you don’t want to be brought down. (more…)

Upgrade Me

If you’ve got the time, there’s a pretty fantastic thread with recommendations of life upgrades over at Meta Filter. Lots of stuff I can’t afford to buy but it is interesting to see what others place value in. My wife wants a Dyson, as I read through I saw both some for and against. Was hoping for recommendations one way or the other.

It’s especially useful read now that we are in a confirmed recession and layoffs are happening every day. /sarcasm