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Upgrade Me

If you’ve got the time, there’s a pretty fantastic thread with recommendations of life upgrades over at Meta Filter. Lots of stuff I can’t afford to buy but it is interesting to see what others place value in. My wife wants a Dyson, as I read through I saw both some for and against. Was hoping for recommendations one way or the other.

It’s especially useful read now that we are in a confirmed recession and layoffs are happening every day. /sarcasm

3 responses to “Upgrade Me”

  1. Christy says:

    Dyson is worth it with an inside dog… you can borrow ours to see if its worth it or not. if you want.

  2. Muse Family says:

    Totally think the Dyson DC14 is worth the money. Scott was totally convinced before the buy and that is saying something! Hendrickson’s were convinced and they are loving it! You and Mel will too!

  3. Christian says:

    Thanks for the follow up to you both.

    I don’t have any doubt that it cleans better than most vacuums. My concerns are on durability. I see far too many of them on Woot and other discount sites being sold refurbished to think that they are that durable.

    The Meta Filter thread above had some for Dyson’s and how well they worked but also some against on how they have a tendency to break. I’d like a vacuum that cleans well but doesn’t require a trip to the repair man yearly.

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