Christian Ross

Cathartic Writing

I’m a bit stressed. It’s been a busy 2015 and the last few weeks have been particularly rough. I’ve found in the past that writing can be a bit cathartic for me and of course there’s only so much space for it on my social network of choice. Chris is blogging again so I figure I might as well. The following is probably going to be in a depressing tone, feel free move along if you don’t want to be brought down.

  • Work is kicking my tail. It’s a constant struggle of feeling behind while wondering what’s next. Deadlines have been missed. Projects have gone awry. Not all of them but enough to stress me out. I’ve got things I want to do. Some of them don’t pay money. I’ve got things we should be doing but they get trumped by projects that have money. It’s a weird position of being so busy it would be nice to have more help but not really sure we can pay for it/sustain it long term. I would venture to guess most small businesses go through it.
  • I see others in similar situations work wise and from the outside it looks like they’re killing it. I’d like to be a fly on the wall. Do they stress like we do? Maybe they just keep their mess together a bit better.
  • I’ve got a buddy who in just a couple of weeks’ time found out his wife was pregnant and then found out shortly after she no longer is. I have few words to console him. He’s tough but that’s got to wreck you.
  • Our internet essentially died for almost a week at the office. It’s never been super-fast but it went to an unusable state for too long and it cost us some tenants in the co-working space we started. I’ll mostly miss Addison, he was a good chap. At the same time, our landlord stopped by and told us she was raising our rent. We’ve started the process of looking for a new space.
  • Office space in this town is limited and expensive. At least in the areas we want to be. I could lower my standards I suppose and just go get a box somewhere, I’d rather not. We like our building and the space we’ve created, it fits us. Our clients like it too. It’s not worth what she’s wanting to charge us though.
  • Yesterday we blew up one of our clients’ sites for a couple of hours during one of their peak traffic spikes. Go us!
  • I haven’t been at church in several weeks. I think it’s showing.

A view from the other side
It isn’t all bad. My family is well. Melanie is supportive when she can be (read: when I allow her to be). The boys are healthy and active. They’re smart. They’re caring. They behave almost all of the time. I’m proud of my family.

My parents came to visit last week and that was nice. Mel’s family gets a turn this week.

We bought some chickens (4). They live in the laundry room right now but they’re about to be relocated to the garage. A few more weeks and then they’ll find a home in the backyard. Speaking of which, I need to build them a home in the backyard.

Spring time brings allergies for my son (which thankfully we’ve turned a corner on this week) but it also brings freshness of life. The trees are green, my lawn is mostly back, and baseball season is well underway. We’ve had some rain which is badly needed.

I feel a bit better. I’m at my desk and there’s still a lot of work to get done so I should probably quit writing. I think it helped.

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