Christian Ross

A Fashionable Thursday

Since the skin has melted off the majority of the people in the US by now, I figured it time to throw up some things to help you cover up your soon-to-be scarred bodies. A random mix of things I *need to have in my closet by day’s end.

Warby Parker Sunglasses – Thatcher (Greystone)

Surely you know about Warby Parker, but if you don’t here’s a quick low-down: they’re an internet-based eyeglasses manufacturer that does a similar one-for-one deal like Toms shoes with those in third world nations. $95 for a pair of high-class prescription glasses with the added bonus of getting 5 pairs of frames in the mail to try on before ordering and you get to help out another in the process. Win.

Just a couple of months ago though they branched out into the sunglasses market as well. Double win.

Warby Parker - Thatcher Sunglasses - Greystone

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