Christian Ross

Beating the heat

With temperatures supposed to reach 105°F through the end of the week, I’ve got to find ways to take my mind off of it. Music sometimes helps. Feel free to spice your summer up a bit with some new melodies from my latest Muxtape:

PS. To cup-half-empty you just a bit more, the head index will be higher than the stated temp above meaning that it will feel more like 110°F. Realistically though, once it hits three digits, it’s just plain hot.

Oh Muxtape, how I miss thee

Or this post could also be titled – Hey Autumn, I found a Muxtape alternative

I’ve actually know about the open source Muxtape alternative called Opentape for a while but it wasn’t until this evening that I actually sat down to set it up.

While not having the fantastic ability to jump from favorited playlist to playlist, it does capture the simplistic nature of the original.

Opentape is self hosted, meaning that all of the files are on my server thus potentially not running as efficiently as Muxtape once did. While it will never fully fill the hole left in your heart when Muxtape was overthrown, let me know if you’d like your own Opentape set up to share some songs and I will get it ready for you.

Note: Let me know if you see an error on first load. It has something to do with the Flash player behind the Opentape and not the Opentape itself. If you hit the continue button it should go away and the tracks will play fine.