Christian Ross

3 responses to “Four times does a muxtape make”

  1. autumn says:

    Ok, I have not given this the required 3 listens (but I will)…but I like it already! Two of my suggestions made it onto the list! Next time TAR…next time.

  2. Christian says:

    I made about 6 passes through some TAR before the final cut. Very good stuff, just couldn’t find a good spot to fit them in. Almost used Ordinary but didn’t want you to think I just stole your playlist. Will try and tailor the next one in a way to get them to fit in.

  3. autumn says:

    Well six passes is good enough for me! And I would be totally honored if you’d used Ordinary…gosh I just love that song. Also at the TAR concert last weekend, they opened for a band called Honor By August that is really pretty good. Might be worth a look-see.

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