Christian Ross

1,474 Megapixels of Where’s Waldo?

Impressive picture created from over 220 individual still shots taken during the inauguration this week. You can almost count the nose-hairs on most of the dignitaries up front.

Since it is a combination of photos you will see a few abnormalities. Like Aretha Franklin’s goatee. Or guys with four eyes, two faces and even a hat without a head. Truthfully, Aretha Franklin may have a goatee and I just didn’t know it. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas took the time for a nice siesta while Yo-Yo Ma utilized all 2 Megapixels of his white iPhone 3G to capture the moment. You can also spot snipers more than a mile or two away. Check the buildings on the horizon and the Smithsonian Castle (church-like building on the far right).

Picture stats:
220 Canon G10 images
File size: 59,783 X 24,658 pixels
6.5 hours stitching time with Gigapan software on a MacBook Pro
Completed TIF file almost 2GB