Christian Ross

Life in Grapevine, Texas during the 1920s to 1950s

Life in Grapevine, Texas during the 1920’s to 1950’s (from the Star-Telegram archive)

A while back I stumbled across this post from the Star-Telegram of photos from our little town back in the day. Because too much on the internet gets lost, I decided to grab a copy of it all as an archive for myself. Your mileage may vary.

A couple things I’ve noted looking through them:

  • #1: We attend this congregation though neither the building or the location are the same as this photo.
  • #7: This school building still stands and has been a place of education for both of my boys (currently the younger one still has 1.5 years left in it). It’s also a block from our house.
  • #12: We’ve had the same mayor for over 40 years. The mayor before him? His dad.
  • #19: The Lucas family has owned and operated a funeral home in Grapevine for decades. My current office used to be the place where they stored their caskets.
  • #24: Ola Mae (Black) Hodges was one of our favorite Grapevine residents for years when we first moved here. She and her husband lived in the same house for almost 60 years and amazingly enough, had the same phone number for their entire time of owning the home. Her husband Bob was a war veteran, a varsity quarterback at Grapevine HS, and has forgotten more committed-to-memory scripture than I’ll ever be able to learn.
  • #32: There are more cantaloupes in this picture than I’ve seen grown in this town in my entire time living here. I kind of wish I was around when we were a little more agriculture focused.
  • #33: The tallest building on the left side of the street in this photo is my office (right above where it says Drugs).
  • #36: This building is about 3 doors north of my office. No longer a bank, now it’s a steakhouse.
  • #37: We live in the D.E. Box neighborhood of Grapevine. Prior to this photo, I didn’t know who D.E Box was.
  • #43: Again, office on left side, tallest building.
  • #44: A little more recent view of downtown to match it up with #43.