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The eight90 Christmas wrap-up

A happy 2011 to you, hope your holidays were enjoyable and refreshing. A quick thank you and update to all who participated in our 2010 Giveaway promotion from eight90. Overall I had a good time with it, found it successful for how fast it came together and learned a bit about both my clients and promotions in general. I imagine we’ll do it or something similar again in 2011.

As a reminder, we attempted three different campaigns:

  • The first being for current/past clients only. If we had worked together in some form or fashion, you were automatically included.
  • The second was a “spread the word” type campaign; whether I knew you or not, if you were willing to spread the word about my services or the campaign, you were included.
  • And finally – the one I am the most excited about – was our water campaign. We set up a campaign with the organization charity:water to allow both you and I the opportunity to give back. The original goal was set for $250 which was reached in less than 8 hours of kicking off. I decided that since we reached it so quickly, I would raise the goal to make sure all had the opportunity to give. The $500 mark was met within a few days so I raised it once more to $750. In total we raised $525, served 26 people with clean water and combined with tens-of-thousands of others to collect just under $6 million dollars this holiday season.

The winners: (more…)

Gift Giving Made Easy – Wall Coverings

I originally thought about doing a general “design” type gift post but it eventually evolved into what you see here, art for your walls. Dress up your office, bedroom or any other empty wall space with some of these great pieces.

2010 Posters, Pictures, Signs and More

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2010 Wallcoverings - Posters, Prints & Signs

1. Polaroid for Sale by Jorge Quinteros: $46 CAD
2. Tightrope City by Ryan Brinkerhoff: $12
3. Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische: $225
4. Colosseo by Cameron Moll: $74
5. Admiring the Manhattan Bridge by Jorge Quinteros: $46 CAD
6. Custom Replica NYC Subway Signs by Underground Signs: $300
7. Argyle Socks by Brent Couchman: $35
8. Ideapaint Dry Erase Paint: $350 for 100 sq ft

Gift Giving Made Easy – Tech Toys

Got a gadget lover on your list? Here’s some items that will either grow his collection or help him to maintain it in some way.

2010 Tech Toys and Gadgets

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2010 Christmas Gadgets

1. Color Lens and Flash Filters: $15
2. Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 Digital Camera (Black): $280
3. Apple 11-inch MacBook Air: $1200
4. Bluelounge Cableclip: $10
5. AppleTV: $99
6. Bluelounge Cabledrop: $10
7. BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus: $15
8. West Elm Safe Radio
9. Dual Socket/Dual USB 110v Power Outlet: $20
10. Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses: $20-$40
11. Boxee Box: $199

Gift Giving Made Easy – She’s Got the Look

Didn’t want the ladies to feel completely left out this year so I enlisted the help of a fashonista and friend of mine to put a little something together for my female readers. She gets the chance to have fun and play Internet dress up and I get the chance to act like I don’t know anything about women’s fashion. Men, don’t just glaze over, these are last minute ideas for you.

Unfortunately, by the time of posting, most of her picks are sold out.

2010 Women’s Style Guide

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The professional woman

1. Cashmere Cable Open Wrap: $348
2. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Skirt, Tianna Grey Tweed Pencil
3. Boutique 9 Women’s ‘Frank’ Suede Booties: $94
4. DKNY Hosiery ‘Bold Houndstooth’ Tights
5. NY & Company Semi-Sheer Ruffle Neck Sleeveless Top: $22

Christmas Music – Day 4

Needing something a little more contemporary to get through the week? Here’s 5 tracks that should fit the bill. The first three are on a pretty steady rotation around our house.

And yes, there’s an Owl City track that sounds pretty much like Owl City but I bet if you give it 3 listens you’ll add it to the rotation as well.

1. Colbie Caillat – Mistletoe


2. Gavin DeGraw – Silver Bells


3. Parachute – Winterlove


4. Ben Folds – Lonely Christmas Eve (from The Grinch)


5. Owl City – The Christmas Song



Download individual tracks above or get all 5 at once here: CreepySanta2010 Contemporary 2

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