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Gift Giving Made Easy – Wall Coverings

I originally thought about doing a general “design” type gift post but it eventually evolved into what you see here, art for your walls. Dress up your office, bedroom or any other empty wall space with some of these great pieces.

2010 Posters, Pictures, Signs and More

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2010 Wallcoverings - Posters, Prints & Signs

1. Polaroid for Sale by Jorge Quinteros: $46 CAD
2. Tightrope City by Ryan Brinkerhoff: $12
3. Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische: $225
4. Colosseo by Cameron Moll: $74
5. Admiring the Manhattan Bridge by Jorge Quinteros: $46 CAD
6. Custom Replica NYC Subway Signs by Underground Signs: $300
7. Argyle Socks by Brent Couchman: $35
8. Ideapaint Dry Erase Paint: $350 for 100 sq ft

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