Christian Ross

The eight90 Christmas wrap-up

A happy 2011 to you, hope your holidays were enjoyable and refreshing. A quick thank you and update to all who participated in our 2010 Giveaway promotion from eight90. Overall I had a good time with it, found it successful for how fast it came together and learned a bit about both my clients and promotions in general. I imagine we’ll do it or something similar again in 2011.

As a reminder, we attempted three different campaigns:

  • The first being for current/past clients only. If we had worked together in some form or fashion, you were automatically included.
  • The second was a “spread the word” type campaign; whether I knew you or not, if you were willing to spread the word about my services or the campaign, you were included.
  • And finally – the one I am the most excited about – was our water campaign. We set up a campaign with the organization charity:water to allow both you and I the opportunity to give back. The original goal was set for $250 which was reached in less than 8 hours of kicking off. I decided that since we reached it so quickly, I would raise the goal to make sure all had the opportunity to give. The $500 mark was met within a few days so I raised it once more to $750. In total we raised $525, served 26 people with clean water and combined with tens-of-thousands of others to collect just under $6 million dollars this holiday season.

The winners: (more…)