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It was nice to see dot-comrade Chris Bowler launch his newest Internet venture last week: Idea Cafe

Like Chris, I have a notebook fetish and my to do lists often resort back to pen and paper so of course I am a fan of this one. I dig the fact that you can buy individual notebooks as well as bundles that are role-based. I’ve heard a rumor that there’s potential for coffee-related sales in the future as well.

It was fun to watch this come to life through sneak peeks on Dribbble. Great design, killer photography and even some quality branding help from another mutual buddy, Aaron Mahnke. Win-win-win.

Chris, one request: When we were getting ready for our SF trip, I spent more than enough time trying to find the SF Moleskine City Journal and still came up empty handed, niche market possibility for you?

Idea Cafe - Chris Bowler


Workspace coffee menu

Continuing the recent coffee-heavy related content, the menu at the (now defunct) Gastown, England-based Workspace is fantastic. You can mark it down as “borrowed” in much of my new artwork, I’m sure.

Workspace coffee menu

Workspace coffee setup

via Glasfurd & Walker

3 responses to “Idea Cafe”

  1. Chris says:

    Lovely post, thanks for the mention. As for the Moleskine Journal, I’ll add it to the list 😉

  2. Matt Noe says:

    Christian –
    You are the man. I came to your site for the one specific purpose to remember what the name of the notebooks you posted a few posts back. And then, BAM! The first post is this one. I too have a bit of a notebook and pen fascination. More about office supplies in general but even more so note taking supplies.

    Thanks for being my go to. I’m reading “Getting Things Done” and in the back of my mind I’m partially excited to get started just to get and use a notebook to “collect” all of my “stuff.” Good book and even better post here.

    Take care,

  3. Christian says:

    Heh, glad to be of service. Of course Chris gets all of the credit for the execution of the idea!

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