Christian Ross

Double Down Chicken Sandwich

In a case of this may be a heart-attack-sans-bun, KFC looks to be doing some test marketing on their new Double Down Chicken Sandwich. I love chicken, and KFC has the ability to make a tasty fried bird, but this may be the least appetizing products I have seen come to market in a long time.

I just hope this isn’t a push towards multiple items in the meat-as-a-bread category.


Hey clients, I’m upping my rates.

According to the SF Examiner, the going rate for the overhaul of the US Government site is $9.5 million dollars over the next 6-months. Your tax dollars hard at work. I’m holding my breath for the promised transparency:

The silver lining here is that after months of spending, this contract signals movement to finally disclose officially where the money has been going. More importantly, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which oversees, has promised to make all of the raw spending data available to the public.

I’d have done it for $7 million.

Use Facebook to help you find a date…

With your wife.

In another masked attempt to tick off most every one of their customers, Facebook again slips into some shady practices and backs them up with “you agreed to it in the Terms of Service.”

Take for example, Peter Smith, who was recently presented an ad on Facebook aiming to connect him with Hot Singles and the image of the hot single was his own wife. No, she hadn’t left her status as single and no she hadn’t signed up for or similar. Cheryl, like the hundreds of millions of other Facebook users had no idea of a setting that Facebook defaults to true allowing your picture to be used in your friends’ Facebook ads.

Thanks, Facebook, for reminding me again why I have no use for your borderline-ethical services.

And for you actual Facebook users, here’s the steps to change your settings to help you avoid lady-of-the-night status on your friends’ pages:

1. Settings
2. Privacy
3. News Feed and Wall
4. Click on “Facebook Ads”
5. In the “Appearance in Facebook Ads” box, click “no one”

Three Wolf Moon

A much needed piece to any man’s (or manly woman’s) clothing collection is now once again available for sale: Three Wolf Moon

Don’t believe in its magical super powers? Take a few moments to read the comments on it.

Stocking up now while it’s available.