Christian Ross

Hey clients, I’m upping my rates.

According to the SF Examiner, the going rate for the overhaul of the US Government site is $9.5 million dollars over the next 6-months. Your tax dollars hard at work. I’m holding my breath for the promised transparency:

The silver lining here is that after months of spending, this contract signals movement to finally disclose officially where the money has been going. More importantly, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which oversees, has promised to make all of the raw spending data available to the public.

I’d have done it for $7 million.

A new government?

After only being signed up to receive his newsletters a few months, I am impressed at the amount of work that goes into the communication efforts of my congressman and his staff.

I’m sure he doesn’t sit down personally and write out each newsletter but each one definitely feels like he has a hand in it.

This month is a very lengthy read but worth it if you have the time. With the promises of cutting pork barrel spending it is both interesting and saddening to see the list of where the new proposed stimulus package money will be spent.

A basketball court in Ohio? Replacement of older cars for federal bureaucrats? Museums? Skate parks? Amtrack? $1 Billion for freaking Amtrak?!

I created a page to see it all if you’re interested. Both sides of the aisle should be upset at much of the following list.

Special Bulletin: February 2, 2009 – Can Stimulus Stimulate without Stimulation?