Christian Ross

2010 Christmas Giveaway

The short: I’m running 3 Giveaways for the next two weeks. One for clients, one for everyone and one for you to give something away as well. Here’s the official announcement.

The long: I’ve detailed it all a bit more below. If you’re not a client, here’s where you can get the details on how to participate:

Giveaway #1 – Open To Clients (Amazon Kindle)

This year I wanted to do something extra than just the typical thank you email/cards for my clients. I decided to go the route of a little giveaway that would automatically include all of my clients over the last five years of doing business. It’s a bummer that I’m not in a position yet to give all of my clients a shiny new toy at the end of the year but I hope the gesture is well-received and that it plays a small part in a renewed desire to continue this working relationship in 2011.

Giveaway #2 – Open To All (Apple TV)

But I decided that I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted a second opportunity for those who I haven’t partnered with yet to think about the possibility in the near future. Or at least give them enough ammo and desire to spread the word about what I do.

My second giveaway is familiar in the sense that’s it has been done before many times in the form of “retweet this to win.” But while I do want you tweeting about me and my services to win, I would much rather have it be in your own words rather than just a simple RT.

My intentions are transparent, I hope to gain exposure for what I do with the goal of increasing my visibility/hire-ability for 2011.

  • If you don’t know me, you’re welcome to participate. If you’re on Twitter, follow me and spread the news about the giveaway. You really have no idea about my work or what I do but as you follow along down the road I would hope that it becomes clear and my skills are useful to you or someone you know.
  • If you do know me and a little about what I do, tell your friends. Twitter, Facebook, your blog, email, telephone, I’m good with any of it.
  • If you need a little reminder, here’s some of my specialties: web design/development, content writing & strategy, marketing for small businesses and I’ll even dabble in a little social media and SEO if needed.

To enter, spread the word and get in touch with me here or on Twitter to let me know that you participated. I’ll take your word for it.

Giveaway #3 – Giving It Away

Finally, I didn’t want this entire thing to be only about a contest for shiny new presents and a boosting of my ego. There are many options and ways to give back to those in need; one that makes is amazingly simple and is a cause that has really grabbed me this year is charity:water. While their concept isn’t new, this was the easiest route I could find to create a joint venture between you and I.

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely a truly blessed person. I hope that you can see the importance of being a blessing to others.

I’ve created a small campaign with charity:water and I’d love if you decided to help out. Donating doesn’t up your chances in either of the categories above but I guarantee it will warm your heart for much longer than a new toy will.

2010 eight90 Charity Water Campaign

If you’ve made it this far, Merry Christmas and thanks for playing.

Christmas Icon Design

I would love to be able to conceptualize the detail in any one of these icons prior to construction of it. Amazing Illustrator work, re-affirms my need for a tablet. Not that I could produce anything on that level if I had one though.


Please take my stuff

A week or two ago I decided to remove some of the movies (all DVD’s) in our collection that we have never watched, watched and are ready to share, or know that I would have some explaining to do to my son about why we own two full seasons of a TV show referred to as another name for a burrow.

Either way, they have been removed from the cabinet and are looking for a good home. Their fate rests in several options:

  • a. Craigslist, ebay, Hastings, etc…
  • b. Freecycle
  • c. Give them to you
  • d. Donate them to some charity like GRACE (local group)

[a] possibly takes more time than they are worth. (more…)