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Please take my stuff

A week or two ago I decided to remove some of the movies (all DVD’s) in our collection that we have never watched, watched and are ready to share, or know that I would have some explaining to do to my son about why we own two full seasons of a TV show referred to as another name for a burrow.

Either way, they have been removed from the cabinet and are looking for a good home. Their fate rests in several options:

  • a. Craigslist, ebay, Hastings, etc…
  • b. Freecycle
  • c. Give them to you
  • d. Donate them to some charity like GRACE (local group)

[a] possibly takes more time than they are worth.
[b] is a nice option but I am a little tired of the fact that the entire idea of Freecycle has turned into a wishlist for some. The last time I checked, I saw a ‘wanted’ posting for a free xbox 360/playstation 3/nintendo wii. Not lying, they were looking for a free one for their kid. For those who don’t know, these gaming systems range from $250-$600 and that’s only if you could find a Wii right now. People, the idea is to share something that you aren’t needing with others for free instead of it ending up in a landfill. It ain’t a welfare line.
[c] no explanation needed other than the fact that I don’t want them back. Unless I ask for one or two of them which is highly unlikely.
[d] most likely fate for anything left over at the end.

I will give the first shot to you. First claim, first served. You want something from the list, comment and claim it. I reserve the right of refusal if I don’t think the movie would be a good fit for you. This is open to family/friends/strangers/etc. If you happen to be a stranger, a buck or two for shipping would be nice if I have to get it to you by USPS. Please be kind and don’t try and take them all, sharing is nice.


Figured the best way to break them down would be by ratings. (Commentary could possibly follow)

Watch with the kids (G):
Fiddler On The Roof – not sure how/where this came from. never seen it. side note: my wife went and saw the stage show one time and slept through. enough said.

Maybe when they’re a little older (PG):
Field Of Dreams – I’ve questioned this move several times. good movie, just not really interested in it anymore. ‘if you build it, they will come…’
Major League II – not as good as the first. if you miss out on it this time around, flip on TBS I’m sure they’ll play it by next Tuesday.

Junior High, here we come (PG-13):
The Bachelor – never seen, some guy and some girl. chick flick.
Bruce Almighty – not bad, probably won’t watch again. Jim Carrey
Dirty Work – funny and crude. what else would you expect from Norm McDonald. He was classic as Burt Reynolds though…
Drive Me Crazy – teen movie, girl from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Nickelodeon version)
Grumpier Old Men – the first was pretty funny. one of them is dead now, I think.
In Love And War – chick flick. never watched. I see a pattern here
Mr. & Mrs. Smith – never watched. heard it’s decent though. Guessing it’s where the whole Brangelina got started.
Pearl Harbor – again, never watched. I know the story though.

Not Until You’re Out On Your Own (R):
Christmas Vacation 2 – they made a second one? says Not Rated so it’s going here. might be clean but I wouldn’t know
Jerry Maguire – falls into the category of questioned by kid why I would own a movie I wouldn’t let him see. ‘you had me at hello…’
The Mexican – watched it probably 6 years ago. don’t remember what it’s about. Pitt/Julia Roberts.
The Patriot – Mel Gibson. American Revolution. blah, blah, blah, I want a movie to make me laugh not watch a bunch of people get killed. I can watch the news for that.
Road Trip – see Jerry Maguire and multiply by 3
When A Man Loves A Woman – do what? looks like meg ryan circa 1980. and the box says andy garcia. that’s as much as I know.

Let the games begin. Note: I’m not above being bribed but if there’s something on this list you are willing to bribe me for then you should either get out more or find better taste.

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  1. Aspen says:

    Hum…I am always up for taking new movies…but I don’t see any that I am just dying to have. So, for now you get to keep them. Good luck!

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