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6th Day

End of week internet goodness for 09/25/09

The web wasn’t particularly funny this week but it did provide some some well-built infographics – which I can never seem to get enough of.

Click the images to see the full graphics.

First up, ever thought of printing out the Internet? Umm, me either. But if you tried, it’d only take your inkjet printer 3,800 years to knock it out.

If you printed the internet infographic

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6th Day

End of week internet goodness for 09/18/09

Creepiness abounds in this 80’s dating video.

“No fatties, no hamsters, no dopers, no smokers, no alcoholics, no Donna Juanitas, no posers, no crazies…” Dude, you’re doing your bio for video dating, don’t eliminate all of your prospects right off the bat.

You know the music from 2001: A Space Odyssey even if you’ve never seen the flick. You’re about to find out that it might be a little too large of a piece of music for a junior high level orchestra.