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Woo hoo, Internet!

After far too long of being disconnected from the world, we now have Internet and Satellite back. We still have a few things to mend but for the most part life is getting back to normal after our house was struck by lightning last Thursday.

Things damaged or destroyed by the insurance labeled ‘act of God’:

*FiOS Modem/Router (Internet)
*Satellite Dish, *several cable connectors, *one receiver (purchased replacement on ebay)
Bedroom TV
Garage Door Opener
*Sprinkler System Control Box

*Fixed or replaced

Now I have no excuse to not work.

2 responses to “Woo hoo, Internet!”

  1. Mom says:

    finally! well, glad to see you can get back to work – sorry the insurance coverage doesn’t recognize God’s handiwork as worthy of payment!

  2. Aspen says:

    Ah man! What a bummer! When Autumn said that you lost your TV I was worried you lost your brand new big HDtv. Whew, luckily that one was spared!

    Glad you guys are safe.

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