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Water weekend…

I imagine (and hope) our weekend will be a wet one as we have grocery shopped, arrived, and settled in for a nice weekend on the lake. A special thanks to the Huston family for their generosity and willingness to allow us some relaxation time here while they are in Hawaii. I am sure an early morning wake-board run plus time spent on the jet-ski’s are in order. It ain’t Hawaii but it sure is nice.

Yes, I do have my office here with me so I will be working as well, but how could you complain about a little work with a view like the one I have?

Update: Mel received good news today in her results from the testing on Wednesday. Her arms are a little bruised from the needles but everything is in order and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of diabetes. Thanks for any/all prayers offered. We celebrated the results with some Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches this evening.

Enjoy your weekend, I plan on enjoying mine…

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  1. Aspen says:

    It is GREAT news about Mel. Does that mean she wants her ice cream back?

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