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Things I Want My Daughter To Know: Eric Hurst

Renaissance Man and dotcomrade Eric Hurst has been killing it with a series of posts he started called, Things I Want My Daughter To Know. His daughter, Mona Jane, is just a little younger than Cohen but will someday have a fantastic archive of notes on life from her father. I hope that either he or his wife are making sure these get archived offline and bound/stored somewhere safe for a day when she can actually read them. I need to probably start doing this myself for both of my boys.

Excerpts from a couple of my favorite letters:

On the Internet:

You will never know a world without the Internet, so let me tell you a little bit about how it was prior to this incredible creation.
    Everything was on paper.
That about sums it up.

On Higher Education:

What I want you to know, though, is that while higher education is respected, it is certainly not expected.


College, and the degree that comes with graduation, gets you a foot in the door with many people and places. That is it’s biggest advantage. People respect a degree. People also respect success. Figure out how to do one of the two, and you will do well.

On Old Man Eyebrows:

The travesty in all of this is there is only one thing a man can do to tame those badger bristles: eyebrow waxing. Most men, however, just go about their lives content in knowing their eyebrows look like a spent toothbrush. Waxing, you see, is not manly.


What I want you know is that you should be kind to these men. They can’t help it. They had no say in what their eyebrows decided to do one evening while they comfortably slept.


All of his letters are quality reads and I can’t wait to see his future advice.

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