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The Wicked Sliding House

I would only actually use the word wicked if I was born and raised on the south side of Boston. And even then it’d sound much more like wick’d as in – wick’d smaht. But since I wasn’t, the title of this post is just copied and pasted from another article of a pretty wick’d sliding house in England.

England is on my list of places to visit one of these days. I’m planning my trip for the day after I receive my bailout money.

Wicked Sliding House



Seeing the wicked sliding house today also reminded me of a pretty sweet setup Hong Kong architect, Gary Chang, put together for himself. After several overhaul’s of his 344 sq/ft apartment, including the most recent $218,000 affair, he has been able to create 24 different rooms all in the single-room studio that he resides.

Through the use of movable walls, cabinets and furniture he can have everything from a full kitchen to a library without stepping foot outside his door.



Gary Chang - 24 room, 344 sq/ft apartment

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