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The things we notice

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While getting a map set up for a client’s contact/location page, I noticed that the Google map about to be used has the same street spelled two different ways on the same city block. Nolen vs. Nolan

I don’t know whether its my weird obsession with typos or just my typical bad habit of pointing out others’ mistakes that prompted me enough to write about it.

Makes me wonder if all of their mapping stuff is being/has been hand-entered by a real human being. If so, the only thing that saves that job from being in my least favorite 100 positions to hold would be that you actually work for Google. Free massages, food and the awesome 80/20 rule can lessen the sting of almost any bad job.

Carry on.

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  1. Marc says:

    And it’s intersected by ‘Crooked Lane Boulevard’.
    How can it be a Lane and a Boulevard!?!?

    A confusing bit of city planning!

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