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The Incredibles – The Chairs

We own (possibly a pirated version of) The Incredibles and I’m not ashamed to admit that I like it. The movie, not the possibility that it’s a copied version. I enjoy the movie for what it is, a well-scripted and dialogued animation from Disney Pixar.

Part of the reason I think I enjoy it over some of their other films, is the era in time the movie takes place. I like that late 40’s through early 60’s time frame. The nation was just out of war, the boys were home, and the economy started booming. It was also the time that design began playing an important role in the products purchased and used. From cars to clothing and magazines to appliances, design began its strongest influence on culture up to that point in time.

Good thing other designers have enough time on their hands to put things together like The Incredibles – The Chairs, a nice compilation of screen shots of the well-designed chairs in the film. Otherwise I’d still be stuck wondering what it was I liked about the movie so much and just couldn’t articulate it into words.

A couple below that I’d buy today if available.

The Incredibles - The Chairs Incredibles Chairs Chair from Incredibles Couch from The Incrdibles

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  1. Aspen says:

    Awesome. Never seen the film…but I kinda want to now!

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