Christian Ross

TV on the iPhone

With Apple and Adobe’s dispute over getting Flash to play on the iPhone always in full-force, it’s nice to see that somebody is smart enough to get video onto the iPhone in a different direction.

Just announced this morning is a free app from CBS called While it is still only CBS (the only thing worth watching on the eye network is Letterman) it is step in the right direction offering a number of shows from several of their networks.

Fingers crossed that NBC/Fox are working on a Hulu option.

(via Gizmodo)

Nerd post

Every now and then I have to out myself as a computer nerd. My excitement of the following solidifies my status for another week or two. We just moved from our satellite dish to Verizon for TV to combine both our Internet and TV on FiOS. Along with saving $70/month over our previous setup, they also upped my bandwidth for Internet access as well.

A quick screen-grab of my most recent speed test on it:

For those out of the nerd-know, its REALLY fast.

Back in business

I noticed this evening that my feed wasn’t updating for the site. Of course it bugged me. Took me a couple of hours of code searching, bug hunting and racking my brain to think what changes I had made in the last 48 hours to finally figure out that a small piece of code I had implemented a day or two ago was messing everything up.

The ironic part is that it was code to make my feed a little better. I had implemented a little code to put a delay on my feed by 3 minutes from the time of publishing since I have a tendency to poorly proofread until after I hit the publish button. Go figure. So, back to the old and my apologies for any typos in advance.

One other note, it isn’t perfect but I have implemented some fixes for IE6 users. It’s pretty normal that some things don’t line up but most everything is at least close. The sidebar at least sits on the side now and not at the bottom. I still have about 10% of my visitors using IE6. I don’t love any of you less personally, just technologically. I promise you’d feel better if you browsed better.

I can only think of two reasons why are still using IE6.

  1. 1. You can’t upgrade your browser due to company policy
  2. 2. You don’t know what browser you’re using or even how to check

Sorry, I can only help with #2. Go to Help -> About Internet Explorer. Now go download the ‘fox.