Christian Ross

Smarties, a tribute

As I stood there staring over the bin, I knew what my target would be. Though I was a fan of gumballs, Sweettarts and Saltwater Taffy – nothing could come between me and the gratifying tastes of Smarties. Twenty-five single sweet treats that never seem to get eaten individually. I had a plan in place and knew this was the day I fulfilled it.

I was always the good one of the bunch growing up. First to tattle on others and equally fast to cower in shame when I knew I had done wrong. But today was going to be different. At ten years of age, I was out to prove myself.

Our neighborhood grocery store was small, larger than a convenience store but much smaller than the big box variety. I bet I made eight laps around its isles that day. My friends as I saw it, had started a life of crime; and like any good follower, I was going to get into the action.

The bins were located near the produce section at the front of the store. They differed from the candy section, which had its equally enticing sugar treats, but I wasn’t ready for such a bold strike on my first attempt. (more…)