Christian Ross

Gr?┬░fica Fidalga

I grew up in the printing industry. I saw that it could be done to make a living but it wasn’t putting anyone on the fast track to prosperity. I am sure I even mentioned a time or two that I had a plan of getting out of it sooner rather than later.

Hand-bindery work is where I spent most of my formative years but after a short hiatus in college from printing, I found myself back inside a shop the last couple of years at university. Though I moved up to the use of actual machines for most of my bindery work, it was still bindery work.

There isn’t much I miss about being in a print shop. My list would probably be on one hand if I narrowed it down but lately I have had an affinity towards – and a fond remembrance of – the letterpress.

My favorite machine (as I remember it now) to run was called the Heidelberg Windmill.

Heidelberg Windmill (more…)