Christian Ross

A Meal in Venice, 1978

A boy sat playing chess with a sailor—beating him soundly by the looks of it—and another sailor sat drinking and reading a newspaper at the bar. The owner came out; he was a short but large man, balding, and he wore a rather soiled white apron. Teel asked him if he made a fish soup. The man paused, and then asked how long they could wait for it. Rick and Teel told him—as long as it took, they were in no hurry. Wine and bread was brought to the table and then the man emerged, apron-less, from the kitchen, carrying a large basket; he nodded at them and walked out.

An awesome, albeit too short, story of a couple’s dining adventure in Venice:

The story also references the question of “Where/what was the best meal you have ever had?” Рwhich of course I have no answer for. If I had a tale like the one in the above, there would be no question.

What about you? Can you name your most favorite meal/dining experience in life?