Christian Ross

2010: The Setup

In an effort to be a little more consistent in my writings, I signed up for Project52 about a month ago pledging my efforts to at least write once a week. I can easily pump out content consisting of funny videos, fashion finds and new music but this is more of committed effort to write something of substance. Hopefully in a year’s time I will be a little better in my abilities, learn ways to overcome writers block and possibly make a better connection with you.

There’s no guarantee and I’m sure that some weeks I just wont be feeling it, but by signing up there’s some accountability to be had.

Since it is still early in the new decade, I figured I’d do the standard and offer up a few things I’d like to accomplish over the next 357 days. Innovative and ground-breaking, I know. Similar to Joshua, these aren’t actual resolutions due to the fact that when 2010 ends I don’t necessarily want to leave things unresolved. Aspirations, if you will. (more…)