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2010: The Setup

In an effort to be a little more consistent in my writings, I signed up for Project52 about a month ago pledging my efforts to at least write once a week. I can easily pump out content consisting of funny videos, fashion finds and new music but this is more of committed effort to write something of substance. Hopefully in a year’s time I will be a little better in my abilities, learn ways to overcome writers block and possibly make a better connection with you.

There’s no guarantee and I’m sure that some weeks I just wont be feeling it, but by signing up there’s some accountability to be had.

Since it is still early in the new decade, I figured I’d do the standard and offer up a few things I’d like to accomplish over the next 357 days. Innovative and ground-breaking, I know. Similar to Joshua, these aren’t actual resolutions due to the fact that when 2010 ends I don’t necessarily want to leave things unresolved. Aspirations, if you will.

– I grew up living almost directly across the street from the library, but it has only been the last couple of years that I have actually found benefit in it thanks to my son and his love for books. Late last year, I even took the plunge and checked out some books with words in them for myself. For the most part it was being utilized as a new (old) music search to widen my knowledge of big band and jazz.

Since that time, I have read through one completely and made it through about 3/4 of another before I got bored with it. Progress. The one I completed was good and have renewed it for another three weeks thinking I might go through it one more time.

I have a couple of others on my desk that I need to do something with. A little less screen time and more book time in 2010 would do me some good.

– Expansion. For almost 5 years I’ve worked for myself and been fortunate to see growth each year – measured most easily by dollars but in many other ways as well – and this is the year that I’d like to see some explosion. I just filled out my first 1099 yesterday to send to another freelancer for his services I procured in 2009. Whether 2010 is filled with more contract help or employee additions, I’m not sure, but I am sure that a decent sized growth spurt is what I’d like to see.

To accomplish this means that I’ve got to grow as well. Sales must increase so in turn that means my sales skills/tactics must get better as well. My ability to rely on others has to grow as well, I need to do my best to surround myself with those whose talents outweigh mine in their respective areas and trust them to do what they do without micro-managing their skills. With bringing in others, it means that there will be many areas I need to develop and increase my skill level in. Project/talent/client management, business basics, communication abilities and of course time management.

To go along with the growth I need to make in running a business, there are also professional skill sets I’d like to learn or get better at over the next twelve months. Content writing, article writing, UI methodology and practices, design thinking and theory, photography and HTML5/CSS3. The list isn’t exhaustive and I know that I may only scratch the surface of some of the categories but each of them could benefit my clients in some form or fashion.

– Do less talking about ideas and more implementing of ideas.

– Accelerate [our] pace on debt reduction. We made positive steps in 2009 but of course were not as dilligent as we could have been about it. I have no grand illusions of being debt-free by the end of the year but plan to be in a better position when it ends than when it started.

– Work a little harder to care a little less about opinions of those that really don’t matter in the grand scheme.

– Become a little healthier.

– Continue to promote and advance the causes I believe in.

– Crush it.

So here’s to 2010, a new season and a chance to clean that slate. ’09 you were good, but there’s no reason to think that we can’t do better as we move forward.

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