Christian Ross

I’m Thankful

It’s that time of year again, my second annual list of random things I’m thankful for. Here, in no particular order and by no means an exhaustive list, are some of the things I am thankful for this year:

God, Jesus, Melanie, Cohen, Keegan, mia famiglia, Vitesse, Chipotle, reliable transportation, two-teeth smiles, A Fashionable Thursday, Instapaper, Modern Family, Dinner at the table, Dribbble, portable DVD players, Baylor Medical Center (Irving & Grapevine), welding, nebulizers, setting my own hours, plastic baseball bats and balls, hand-drawn type, automatic watering timers, MailChimp, Ben Sherman, people I’ve only met on the Internet, Netflix, good laughs, Tweetie, grilling, the means to travel and the desire to stay close to home, Ego app, the right to vote, Art Direction plugin, babysitters, Toggl, My wife’s Thursday night food adventures, that skipping a meal doesn’t do long term damages to kids, Transmit, wood, kids books, music, Gowalla, Banana Republic, people who put others first, Dave, CompleteSite, Mad Men, iPad, GOOD, pictures, Starbucks, people I’ve met because of the Internet, mix tapes, Woopra, referrals, the library, Fireworks, Instagram, full-teeth smiles, downtown Grapevine, Christmas trees, Square, Mision Para Cristo, Tumblr, talk radio, Amazon, Fusion Ads, Goodnight Moon, headphones, TOMS, iPhone, freedom, Reeder, Whataburger, SlideRocket, football, matching shirts, WordPress, discovery of flight, Simplenote, radio controls on my steering wheel, Apple, illustrators, J Crew, HOW, toys, quiet times, Buon Giorno, Vimeo, New Balance shoes, modern medicine, Twitter, Sausilito, people I’ve met in spite of the Internet, Sprout TV, Sprout Farmer’s Market, those who serve, poker, steel manufacturing & custom fabrication, Google, Christmas music, our Church, Woody & Buzz, the Internet, baseball, letterpresses, Wufoo, iChat, coat drives, Skype, logo designers, gardening, good design, clients, Grace, and of course, you.

2010: The Setup

In an effort to be a little more consistent in my writings, I signed up for Project52 about a month ago pledging my efforts to at least write once a week. I can easily pump out content consisting of funny videos, fashion finds and new music but this is more of committed effort to write something of substance. Hopefully in a year’s time I will be a little better in my abilities, learn ways to overcome writers block and possibly make a better connection with you.

There’s no guarantee and I’m sure that some weeks I just wont be feeling it, but by signing up there’s some accountability to be had.

Since it is still early in the new decade, I figured I’d do the standard and offer up a few things I’d like to accomplish over the next 357 days. Innovative and ground-breaking, I know. Similar to Joshua, these aren’t actual resolutions due to the fact that when 2010 ends I don’t necessarily want to leave things unresolved. Aspirations, if you will. (more…)