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Start spreading the news…

We have arrived with 7 week old in tow and intentions of painting this town red. Plane rides were pretty good. On time from DFW to the dirty, dirty (Atlanta) with mostly sleep involved and only a little fuss towards the end. Hartsfield was like most other, just an airport. Atlanta to LaGuardia was fine until the lengthy sit on the tarmac. I was warned.

Made it to the City about 5pm local and got picked up by a hefty 15-passenger van. Apparently van and mini-van are hard to decipher over the phone when English isn’t your first language and your taking the reservation from a man in Texas. Either way, plenty of room was available and provided for an exciting trip from LGA to the upper east side.

Melissa’s 300 sq/ft is cozy, can’t believe it goes for only 2500/month.

Once settled, we bundled up to venture out. I strapped Cohen to my belly and we headed west. Grabbed a real NYC pizza (pie) at Totonno’s (like every other pizza joint in town it was of course voted best pizza by somebody). Was as good as I remember. The place was festive, some nice Christmas decorations and a few menorah’s scattered about. Speaking of menorah’s, there are a large number of Jews in NYC and tonight it was very evident. Rabbi’s, families, boys and girls with yamaka’s, tracts, menorah’s, and blue ‘Christmas’ lights abound.

From Totonno’s we walked (yes, I walked) to 77th and Lexington to catch the 6 (subway) to Grand Central. A quick ride on the S (subway shuttle) kicked us out in the middle of Times Square. Bright lights and a pretty small crowd made for a nice walk around for a few minutes. Of course we stopped in at Starbucks to keep warm as we walked. One quick spin through the TS Toy’s R Us to see the (indoor) ferris wheel, lego creations and more. We decided it we were pushing it on C’s eating schedule so we started making our way back.

A good way to start the trip. Will try and keep updating as we go along. Agenda for tomorrow to probably include the Statue, Ground Zero, Macy’s and Santaland, and any other fun we can stir up.

Some pics below.







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  1. autumn says:

    Oh my gosh!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to hear everything about the trip. NYC is so magical at Christmas…sigh. I just love it and I know you guys will too…even Cohen. Which, btw, is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! (well, outside of one of my other favorite little boys, of course)

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